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Alt 20.12.2016, 18:02
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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Standard Vinshine Audio Dac-r2r-ref


The power of google brought me to this forum! Allow me to start a thread to discuss the VINSHINE AUDIO DAC-R2R-REF!

The Soekris R2R board has a built-in uManager, whereby user may program / parameterize the DAC setting (particularly the Filters) to obtain the desire sound by changing the filters selection. The RS-232 serial port is available at the rear panel, you'll need the following to get into the uManager:

1. Computer (Windows based preferred)
2. USB to RS-232 Converter (most computer nowadays doesn't come with this port, you will need a converter)
3. ExtraPutty Software: Link here
4. Filters file compiled by others (or you may compile your own if you know some software skill!)

There are details guide all over the internet to guide you how to connect the computer to the Soekris DAC. I'll just point out a few key steps:

1. Connect USB to RS-232 Converter to the computer
2. In Device Manager, configure the RS-232 port baud rate etc to (115200, 8, n, 1), take note of the COM port #
3. Connect the RS-232 to the RS-232 port at the rear panel of the DAC
4. Power On the DAC
5. Launch ExtraPutty, select Serial connection, the COM port and key in the baud rate, then click Open

6. The following screen will be shown:

7. Type "+++" (the command to call out the uManager), the command line manual will be shown:

8. Now, you'll see the firmware of the Soekris DAC. All DAC is shipped with latest firmware v1.06
9. Have your desire firmware/filter files ready, key in "download" on the cmd line screen

10. While the download is waiting for a file to be transfered, in ExtraPutty windows, select File Transfer -> Xmodem 1K -> Send. Browse to the firmware/filter file, and you're ready to transfer!

11. When the transfer is completed, you'll see the following display:

12. Type "Set Filter" to change the type of filters. In general, you can choose the following. It depends very much on the type of filter file you loaded to the Soekris DAC. T

set filters = Linear
set filters = Mixed
set filters = Minimum
set filters = Soft

These are some of the useful link online you may like to refer to:
1. Access uManager
2. Soekris Official Site for Firmware Updates
3. Filters discussion thread @ diyaudio

That's about it. Have fun & enjoy the music!

Many thanks.

Alvin Chee
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Alt 20.12.2016, 18:03
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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Operation of the DAC is pretty straight forward. There are three digital input namely USB/AES EBU/COAX. Plug in your digital input to these connection and you're ready to go.

The Amanero USB required a driver for Windows, it can be downloaded here: Download

Depending on your downstream equipment, you may choose to connect either RCA/XLR output.

There are two different output mode, FIXED or VAR.

In FIXED mode (toggle switch @ up position), the analog output RCA & XLR is maximum @ 2Vrms & 4Vrms respectively. Also, in FIXED mode the headphone outputs are disabled (no one would like to blast the headphone at max volume i guess? ;D)

VAR Mode
In VAR mode (toggle switch @ downward position), the analog output RCA & XLR can be controlled by the volume knob, i.e. the DAC is now a preamp too! Also the headphone outputs are enabled.

Very important, in FIXED mode, the volume is at max. If your downstream equipment is a power amp, the power amp will be at max volume, your speakers probably cannot take that kind of power. If you like to use the DAC as a preamp for a permanent setup, I'd recommend to block the toggle switch with a pc of small plastic block inserted to the hole of the toggle switch. I did it this way so that my daughter itchy hand cannot toggle the switch to give me a heart attack! ;D

Also, I'd recommend to power off the unit should you like to change the mode. There is a known feature in Soekris firmware whereby switching to VAR mode, the analog output will be able to adjust to +10dB (> 2Vrms & 4Vrms respectively). When switching back to FIXED mode, the analog output stayed at the +10dB, for some digital input with high signal level, this +10db will result in saturated peak value in some case (layman call it distortion). To mitigate this, always remember to change the mode only when the unit is powered off.
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Alt 20.12.2016, 18:07
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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The DAC is based on the famous Soekris R2R board.

The initial planning is to make this as a pure DAC. Headphone amp is a bonus on top of the DAC idea. Do not get us wrong, we did not take lightly on neither the DAC design nor the headphone amp design.

Both DAC and Headphone amp section are well -thought-out and well-designed. The results of this is, very quiet background (almost non-audible even with very sensitive IEM like UE TF10vi / Shure SE535 at the loudest volume). It's not that the gain is low , it was because the careful and smart way of the PCB grounding design to eliminate noises! Carefully in the the Look the PCB design, there are some magic there in

Dual transformer, each for the dedicated section, with Walt Jung Super Regulator and premium components. The selection of the components does some nice thing in the DAC, i'll leave the imagination to you

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Alt 20.12.2016, 18:30
OpenEnd OpenEnd ist gerade online
OpenEnd Admin
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Hello Alvin,

could you please give a functional description about your DAC. Additional I need to know, how to find your company.
How works the distribution of your DAC? How much does it cost?

Greetz Charly
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Alt 21.12.2016, 03:04
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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My webstore link is here: VINSHINE AUDIO

We're currently seeking for distributor in EU, and US. For distribution and order handling, for now, the DAC can be ordered via our webstore and ship to the customer directly. Until we found one EU and US distributor, then the units can be ordered directly from the distributor.

Some of the highlight of the DAC

1. Power
- Low Noise UK Noratel Transformer
- Schurter IEC Inlet w/ EKD Switch
- 110V/230V

2. Precision DC Voltage Regulator
- Walt JUNG Superreg +-12VDC for R2R Board
- LT108x 5VDC for Logic

3. Digital Input
- SPDIF via 75ohm RCA
- AES/EBU via Neutrik XLR
- Italian Amanero USB I2S

4. Analog Output
- Buffered RCA * 1 via CMC RCA
- Buffered XLR * 1 via Neutrik XLR
- Lehmann Buffer Headphone Amp x 2 via Neutrik 6.3mm Jack

5. User Controls
- Digital Input Selection
- Preamp/Pure DAC Mode Toggle
- Volume Control w/ Bypass Pure DAC Mode
- RS232 Serial Port Accesible for firmware/filter selection/config

6. LED Display
- Selected Digital Input
- Digital Signal Locked
- Pure DAC/Preamp Mode

7. DAC Module
- Soekris R2R DAC REV4 0.05%

There are users worldwide and they had posted their review on the DAC. The performance of the DAC is amazing

Some of the users comments:

Collected mine on Tuesday night and only have chance to play few random tracks (redbook and hires jazz, classical and new age) late last night.

The DAC is automatically recognised by the Auralic Aries mini, when the blue lights stop blinking, that's when the magic or music start to flow. And the amp finally can flex it's muscle with the fully balanced output feeding by the DAC to preamp and power amp upon its arrival.

In such short time before the DAC has fully settled into the man cave, I am still getting used to the sound. But for sure it has very good clarity, separation even brand new out of the box and at low volume.

Hope to hear more when it's warmed up to the new home. Thanks Alvin for the MO.
Got mine yesterday. The build quality is top notch and chassis is very solid.

As for the sound, it's pretty much in line with the general opinion. It's a little warm sounding but highly resolving. It's definitely worth a try.
Have been listening hours after hours, I thought my Yulong Sabre DA8 has given my the pleasure of enjoying music, this new Dac is even better, both USB and coaxial are simply magical.
I got my unit last week but did not have the opportunity for a serious listen til much later...I did hook it up for a quick listen earlier on but felt it would be a mistake to form any opinion on it til it has been given a chance to settle in. A repeated playback of a burn in track helped.

To cut the story short, the build of the unit feels solid with a heft that inspires confidence. It looks and feel very well put together.

The SQ after the brief burn in period sounded substantially better than my initial impression. The sound is tonally balance in a way I like. No harshness yet the details are there. It has an organic feel to it with the images kind of having a 3D feel to them. I really like the sound I am gettng.

Thanks Alvin for getting this project done. It was a longer wait than expected but great end result.
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Alt 21.12.2016, 20:56
marflao marflao ist offline
Registriert seit: 07.10.2014
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Hi Alvin,

any plans from your side to "add" the CE label?

Might be a deal breaker since German customs office require this.

Made this experience when I picked up my Lhlabs stuff (GO, Xfi, Vi). Guy told me w/o the label he won't hand over the item. He also required a declaration of conformity and with the GO he started to scratch the label with his fingernail. "If it gets loose you won't get it" he told me. Glad it stayed on the GO.

Might be that he was indeed very picky and that other customs offices aren't so keen to have those but I don't want to risk this hence my question.

All the best,
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Alt 21.12.2016, 23:25
Diskus_GL Diskus_GL ist offline
Registriert seit: 02.03.2016
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Zitat von marflao Beitrag anzeigen
Hi Alvin,

any plans from your side to "add" the CE label?

Might be a deal breaker since German customs office require this.

Made this experience when I picked up my Lhlabs stuff (GO, Xfi, Vi). Guy told me w/o the label he won't hand over the item. He also required a declaration of conformity and with the GO he started to scratch the label with his fingernail. "If it gets loose you won't get it" he told me. Glad it stayed on the GO.

Might be that he was indeed very picky and that other customs offices aren't so keen to have those but I don't want to risk this hence my question.

All the best,
A CE label (and therefore the needed documents - e. g. a passed EMC-test) is mandatory for import into the EU.

best regards

PS.: A "missing" CE label (e. g. "loosen") is no argument for an insurance company or the police, in case of any "problem" (burning house or electric shock etc...).

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Alt 22.12.2016, 01:56
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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Hello guys,

Good morning ! Greeting from the sunny Singapore!

Yes we are pursuing CE Certification for the DAC to capture EU market. Next batches we will have the CE marking laser etch at the rear of the chassis. Perhaps UL as well.

Thanks guys for the advices. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alvin Chee
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Alt 23.12.2016, 05:10
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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Customer Review:

(The DAC) Already it beat my red wine audio isabellina with full options with premium tubes..

It is honest, you will not believe the amount of headphone amps I have.....Heh heh... the a/b (test) is not from memory. ....that is why I don't sell my used amps...Also wanted to be sure the sq are different in a way not from 'maybe' or memory but actual same source, same headphones.

I too, will buy another set if I have extra is that good, I have lots of tube amps, lazy to unplug and plug the cables, there is something about the r2r dac.....I am not good with words but the ears cannot lie, it is just very additive. I have about 20 headphones from cheap to hd800, t1, ps1000, low impedance to high impedance, it just drive them well to their potential. Except that the high impedance ones, the volume is at 12 o'clock onwards and I feel good that I am able to turn to 12 o'clock as even with amps designed for high impedance, I am not able to turn above 10 o'clock before hurting the ears.
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Alt 05.01.2017, 10:20
alvin1118 alvin1118 ist offline
Registriert seit: 16.12.2016
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After >48 hours of running in. Had a longer listen to this DAC.

My setup is melco N1A--> wireworld platinum starlight usb--> vishine DAC
Usual setup is melco--> stock melco ethernet cable--> lumin A1

Compared to newly opened unit, the stage does open up. The signature would be warm as compared to lumin in my opinion.

Again, the presentation is punchy and plenty of bites. Good for pop, rap, R&B songs in my opinion. Good attack and I enjoy when I listen to these genre of songs.

If you are using usb interface, I would recommend to invest on quality audiophile usb cable. I get more transparent, lower noise level, better bass extension with wireworld usb cable as compared to the stock usb cable.

Sound stage opens up after running in, with improvement of depth. Lumin A1 streamer + DAC does have wider stage , more layering and holographic sounding.
Considering the price difference (lumin A1 almost 4 times more expensive), one should expect better performance by lumin.

This DAC performs well above its price. I have heard worse performance in similar priced DAC, and even some more expensive DAC.

Overall it exceeds my expectation and this is a good buy for those looking for value for money DAC. Especially now having promotion for the loan program.

Going to pass to the next person, let's see what other bros think about this DAC.

Firstly, my sincere thanks to Alvin for organizing this tour and Stanley for the hassle free delivery. The unit has just been passed to Ricky this evening.

The 3 days spent with the Vinshine DAC has been pretty positive, as this is my first real experience with a R2R DAC. My current setup is the Lumin D1, Amtrans APCG-01S (very generously on loan from a bro), Bel Canto REF500S and KEF LS50. With the Vinshine DAC, listening was done via USB from my laptop with the JRiver software.

I first spent some time on the headphone out to get a feel of the unit. It had a slightly warm and dark signature with a meaty tonality. With my Fitear TG334 on a Toxic Hydra silver litz cable, it delivered a very good performance with pinpoint imaging and quite good separation and details. Soundstage depth was very good with believable width. This was a particularly pleasant surprise, as the headphone out on most DACs usually only deliver decent and unspectacular performances.

With much anticipation, I hooked up the unit to the preamp and powered it. Initial impression was not positive; it sounded hazy and soft, much like the rays from the sun trying hard to shine through dark clouds. I figured that it was just a 5 day old unit and left it to play overnight on soft volume. After a night of playing, as expected, the sound quality improved significantly.

As a dedicated DAC, the signature of the unit very much mirrored the headphone out; slightly warm and dark sounding, with a meaty tonality. It also had a organic and slightly holographic presentation, delivering a smooth and non fatigue listening experience. Despite the meaty tonality, it was not slow sounding, and Rock music sounded right. Resolution is pretty good and details were presented naturally and never in my face or forward. Bass was punchy but could be tighter. Vocals was organic, natural sounding with finesse. Treble was extended and smooth.

In conclusion, there is much to like about the Vinshine DAC. It is slightly warm, organic and smooth while retaining good resolution. The above average headphone amp on board and the ability to be used as a preamp adds much value to the DAC as well.
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